World peace begins with inner peace

To have peace in the world, we must develop peace within ourselves.

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Discover Peace In The Present Moment

The practice of mindfulness involves bringing our total attention to the present moment—experiencing it as it is without judgment. As we relax deeply into the present moment and open our awareness to our immediate experience, we find freedom from our restless thoughts and touch the simple beauty and joy of being alive here and now.

Build Your Practice

Develop your mindfulness and meditation practice with our signature mindfulness training: the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

Master Your Mind

Learn how to master your mind by getting established in mindfulness and developing your ability to embrace your inner world with loving awareness.

Enhance Your Life

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness practices into every aspect of your daily life, from breathing to eating to walking and more.

"Learning meditation with Joseph has helped transform my life. He's a great teacher. I have incorporated his teachings into my everyday routine, and I carry that inner peace I have always craved and bring a new level of focus and intention to each day."


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Discover peace and freedom in the present moment by enhancing your mindfulness practice.


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