We are here to help you remember
who you are.

The change that is happening in the world, the change that is needed in the world, is a change in consciousness, a shift in our understanding of reality. We are waking up from the dream of separation, from believing ourselves to be separate, isolated beings that have no connection to the whole of existence. We are waking up to our oneness with the Earth, with the cosmos, with each other. We are waking up to the corruption, greed and injustice in our society. We are waking up to the deeper reality of who we are.

Awakening is simply becoming aware of what we have been ignorant of, and the process of awakening is challenging. We have to take responsibility for ourselves, for our thoughts, our actions, our beliefs, our health, our life. We begin to realize how we affect the world, and this gives us the responsibility to be the change that is needed in the world, to live the truth that we have been unconscious of. We have to grow out of familiar habits and patterns, and move in a different direction than the current stream of society,
and this is not always an easy task.

Conscious Collective was created to help humanity through this awakening process, to provide individuals with the knowledge and the tools that will make their awakening process easier, and support their journey of awakening. The truth is, no one can change your consciousness except you. You have to be willing to take responsibility for your self, to become aware of what has been in the shadows, and to act with integrity. Our goal is to help you in that process, and support you as much as we can. Thank you for doing your part to help heal the Earth. Every single one of us makes a dramatic difference. Your participation is needed. We honor you.

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A collection of books intended to help you expand your awareness and awaken  to your true nature.

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Private or Group Breathwork Sessions offered in person or online.

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Information and personal insights to help inform, inspire, and support you on your journey of awakening.

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An abundance of information, provided to help you better understand yourself and the reality you live in. 

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A sustainability-focused marketplace with health products, books, crystals and more.

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Many people feel that they are victims in the world, that life is unfair, and everything seems to be working against them. They feel that life is happening to them, and they are at the mercy of this often cruel and unjust phenomenon called life. This is the victim mindset, and it is characterized by feelings of self-pity and blame.

If we are oriented to reality in this way, then we are certain to suffer mentally and emotionally. Simply because from this perspective everything is seen as an enemy, and we view ourselves as helpless victims. People feel this way because they resist taking responsibility for themselves. It is easier to blame others or blame life, than it is to acknowledge one’s excuses and put in the effort required for self-responsibility.

The idea that we are victims of life is simply not true. Nothing is happening to you, everything is just happening, and we are involved in this vast, interconnected, phenomenon called life. This phenomenon of life is always changing. Nothing remains the same for even a second. Every moment particles are dancing around, cells are living and dying, hearts are beating, vibrations are flooding our senses, etc. everything is constantly moving, dancing, and changing. Nothing is static, permanent, and unchanging. Indeed everything is impermanent.

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Master Gu from Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy speaks about the Taoist philosophy of Harmony.