We are here to help you remember who you are.

All of the chaos in the world today is really an outer reflection of the chaos within our own minds. We have forgotten who we really are, and our ignorance of our true nature has caused us to live in confusion, unknowingly causing harm to the very planet that we depend on for life. Until we remember who we are, and awaken from our ignorance, we will only continue to cause harm to Nature, and consequently to ourselves. Thankfully, we are beginning to wake up from the sleep of ignorance, and Conscious Collective strives to aid humanity in this process of awakening, to help us remember who we really are, and to provide humanity with the knowledge, the resources, and the support to become aware, and to manage the responsibility that comes with an expanded awareness.

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NewEst Video

Philosopher Tim Freke talks about the Deep Awake state, what it means, and what characterizes it.



A collection of books intended to awaken you to your true nature.

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Information and personal insights to help inform, inspire, and support you on your journey of awakening.

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An abundance of information, provided to help you better understand yourself and the reality you live in. 

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A sustainability-focused marketplace with health products, books, crystals, jewelry, outdoor gear, and more.

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