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Conscious Collective aims to help humanity live with more awareness of ourselves and our fundamental unity with Nature. We believe that healing the world starts with healing ourselves, and we help individuals on their journey of healing and awakening by offering education on consciousness, health and natural living.

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About Conscious Collective

The state of the world is a reflection of humanity’s state of consciousness.

The challenges that we face today as a society—violence, war, poverty, famine, disease, climate change, social inequality, political corruption—are the result of human activity. They are the inevitable by-products of a culture that values individual gain more than collective responsibility, material wealth more than spiritual understanding, and endless growth more than balance and harmony with Nature.

While the issues we face may appear to be numerous and diverse on the surface, they have their roots in a deeper fundamental cause. We do not really know who we are. We are unaware of our true nature, and this fundamental ignorance causes us to act in ways that produce suffering for ourselves and others.

Many of us have a deep feeling that we exist apart from the rest of nature. We feel ourselves to be separate, self-contained beings, living out our individual dramas, while everything else—particles and cells, bacteria and minerals, plants and animals, humans, planets, even the food we eat and the air we breathe—exist as things distinct and entirely separate from ourselves.

  • It is because we feel ourselves to be separate from the world in which we live, that we feel so alienated and alone in this world.
  • It is because we feel ourselves to be separate from one another, that we feel justified in judging, mistreating, and harming our human family.
  • It is because we feel that we are separate from Nature, that we also feel it is okay to neglect Nature, to exploit it, pollute it, and cause it harm.

Nearly all of the disasters of our time arise from this delusional belief that we have an existence independent of the world we live in. All of this misery, all of this destruction, all of this pain and suffering, is caused by our failure to realize that there is no separation in Nature, and that really, we are all one.

The outer turmoil and suffering that we see in the world is a reflection of the inner turmoil and suffering that exists within the hearts and minds of human beings. Therefore, the solution to our greatest problems lies in the transformation of our consciousness. By transforming the way we think and act in the world, we can transform the very world we live in.

Every human being has a direct effect on the world as a whole. We are all players in this game of life, and not a single one of us is excluded. The more we recognize our power to create positive change in the world, the more we can use this power to collectively shape our future for the better—but it must start with us. To create positive change in the world, we must create positive change within ourselves, for we are not separate from the world.

Each one of us has within us the capacity to awaken, to become more conscious of ourselves and our relationship to life. Consciousness is something that can grow, something that can be expanded, and as our consciousness grows, we too grow to understand more about ourselves and our world.

Conscious Collective was created to help you in your journey of awakening, to help you grow in your understanding of yourself, your mind, your body, and your relationship to the whole of life. We want to help you heal from the many physical and psychological pains that come from living in such a disconnected culture, so that you can return to a more healthy, harmonious and natural way of being.

As you awaken and heal yourself, you in turn, help humanity as a whole to awaken and heal. This happens in numerous ways, but simply by transforming your way of being, you transform the way that you impact and influence the web of life that you are inseparable from.


The more that we as individuals heal ourselves, the more we help to heal our society.


We envision a world in which human beings live in harmony with each other, in harmony with Nature, and in harmony with ourselves. We are devoted to bringing about this future, and we invite every human being to participate in co-creating this future with us.

We know that this vision is possible, but it can only become a reality once we awaken to the truth of who we are, heal ourselves from the trauma of cultural conditioning, and begin acting in ways that are motivated by love and the understanding of our oneness with all life, rather than acting out of fear and a desire to preserve oneself at the expense of others. It is one thing to understand our unity on an intellectual level, but what is really needed is for us to feel it at the experiential level, and to live the implications of this understanding in every moment of our lives.

We aim to help transform society by helping individuals transform themselves, and provide the knowledge and the tools necessary to do so. We offer online courses that help you awaken your consciousness, transform your perception of self, and live life with more awareness, peace and freedom.

Waking Up to Who You Are is our signature course for helping you awaken to your true nature. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness course is an in-depth training for establishing yourself in the practice of mindfulness. We also offer an introductory course for learning the practice of meditation.

Our documentary “All Is Self” aims to inspire those who watch it to realize the nature of our oneness, and discusses how this realization of our unity is foundational for creating a more harmonious society. We also have a free book available that discusses the same subject.

Additionally, we create regular social media posts and videos to continue inspiring and informing those on the inner journey on a daily basis.

We want, most of all, to remind you that you are not alone on this journey. While the journey of awakening is inherently one that must be traveled within oneself, we are here to support you, and there are many, many beings that are traveling this journey with you. Let us all continue to awaken and come together to create a better world for the future of humanity.

As we grow in consciousness together, increasing our awareness of ourselves, our unity with Nature, and our right to live freely and peacefully on the Earth, we will indeed become a conscious collective.

Our sole mission is to help bring about such a reality, and we call upon all of humanity to join us in this mission.

May we all realize the critical time that we are living in and do our part to help transform society.
May we remember our connection to Nature and live in a way that honors this connection.
May we continue to awaken our consciousness and heal ourselves as we do.
May we realize the power of love is always greater than the power of fear, and
May we come together as one human family to protect our earth, our people, and all living beings.

Peace is possible, and it starts with each one of us. 


“You get world peace through inner peace.
If you’ve got a world full of people who have inner peace,
then you have a peaceful world.”
~Wayne Dyer

About Our Founder

Joseph P. Kauffman is an author, mindfulness teacher, and the founder of Conscious Collective. He has published 9 books on mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality. At age 16, Joseph had a spontaneous mystical experience that gave him an insight into the unity of life. After this experience, Joseph began passionately studying and practicing Eastern philosophy and spirituality.

He has studied extensively the philosophies of various schools of Buddhism, Zen, Yoga, Vedanta, Taoism, and Shamanism and has sought to integrate these ancient philosophies with modern understandings of psychology, neurology, and physics. His curiosity to learn has drawn him to travel abroad and study in India, China, Nepal, Peru and Guatemala, participating in numerous trainings and retreats and learning from many different teachers and traditions.

Joseph’s journey has brought him to a deep understanding of life and of the importance of mindfulness and meditation as tools for self-discovery and liberation. Now, it’s Joseph's mission to share the wisdom he has received from his studies and to help people experience greater happiness, health, connection and freedom in their lives.

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