The Nature of Being

This book is a collection of writings that were written by the author over several years while exploring the nature of life. While the exact content of each page varies, all of these writings have a common theme: coming home to the present moment, and allowing ourselves to experience the freedom of being our natural selves. The mind can often cause great disturbance and suffering, but if we can reconnect with the truth of who we are, the awareness beyond the mind, and the love within our hearts, then we can rest as this loving awareness and be at peace. Read More


All Is Self

Every culture has a story, a narrative, or worldview that shapes the way they think and act. This narrative describes who we are, what life is, and what our purpose is. To the people born and raised in their culture, their narrative is believed to be the truth, or is so widely accepted that they don’t even notice its existence; to them, it is simply the way things are, since it is all they have ever known, and all they’ve been raised to believe since birth. The prevailing worldview of our culture is that we are isolated individuals who exist apart from the rest of the world, and are living in an unintelligent and mechanical universe made of matter, governed by random and chaotic forces, and from this random and insentient universe of inert matter, through an accidental and improbable process of evolution, life emerged. This belief is widely accepted by the majority of people; it is taught in our schools, it is proclaimed by our scientists, it is assumed by our societies and governments. This worldview is so widely accepted that the majority of people never stop to question their narrative, to ask themselves why they believe it, how it makes them feel, whether or not it is true, nor especially how this worldview is the cause of human conflict and the rapid destruction of the natural world. Read More

The Answer Is YOU

So many people are searching for the answer—the answer to life, love, health, happiness, success, and freedom. People search for the answer to life’s questions in money, in relationships, in experiences, in places and material things. We have searched for it everywhere in the world outside of ourselves, completely unaware of the fact that real freedom, and real happiness, can never come to us from something else, but can only be found within the truth of our being. The answers you seek lie within YOU, the true you, and by awakening to your true nature, you can see clearly that your experience of the world is ultimately dependent upon the world within your consciousness. Read More


The planet is suffering. Ecosystems are being destroyed, forests are being cut down, oceans are being contaminated, the air is being polluted, animals are being tortured, people are being oppressed, mistreated, poisoned, and killed. So much suffering is happening on the planet right now, and it is all the result of humanity’s actions. Clearly our current way of life is destructive, illogical, and unsustainable, and unless we evolve our way of life and adapt to a new way of living, we will only create more suffering on this planet, destroying more life, and eventually destroying ourselves in the process. All of the suffering that we experience today arises from humanity’s actions, and our actions stem from our thoughts and our delusional perception of life. Humanity is operating on the momentum of an ignorant past, and this outdated worldview needs to evolve. We live with the notion that we are separate from one another, that we exist independently of the world around us, and that our individual actions do not impact the planet as a whole. This illusion of separation is the root cause of our suffering, and if we want to heal the planet, we have to heal our ignorant perception of life so that our actions will no longer reflect our ignorance, but will instead reflect an understanding and respect for one another and for the Earth that we inhabit. Read More


Many people go through life feeling lost, afraid, anxious, angry, depressed, and confused. They are confined by the prison of their negative thoughts, living out their lives unsure of who they are, what their purpose is, what it means to be alive, and how they can find happiness and live life peacefully. This feeling of separation from the world is a result of not understanding our true nature. We fail to realize who we are at our deepest level and, as a result, we experience a great deal of suffering. This suffering is felt around the world and it causes people to act out in violence, harming one another, harming the planet, and harming themselves. The state of the world is a reflection of our inner state of being. We have forgotten our true nature, and until we remember who we are and find peace within ourselves, we will never be able to have peace on this planet. Read More

Just Be

In this small book, readers learn the concept of being fully aware in the present moment, and the joy that this practice can bring to one's experience. This book also discusses the mind's resistance to understanding this concept and some of the roadblocks that one may experience on the path to applying it in their daily lives. A quick read, this book delivers a powerful message, and if readers apply this message to their lives they are guaranteed to become completely transformed. Read More

Conscious Collective

The world is currently in a stage of great transformation. We are beginning to realize that the old ways of competition and ‘survival of the fittest’ are not sustainable for individuals, businesses, or the planet. We are now on the verge of something amazing. We have been given the opportunity to evolve our thinking. Although, at the same time, the planet is in the worst condition it has ever been in. Our unconscious acts of violence and pollution are resulting in the destruction of the very planet that allows us to live. The biggest threat to our existence is our own ignorance and our own unwillingness to change. With the industrial revolution came new technologies that allowed our species to flourish; what was once seen as a sign of growth and prosperity is now being looked back upon in hindsight as one of our biggest mistakes. But it is not too late. We are aware of the destruction we have caused and are still causing to this planet, and we are still alive—meaning that we still have time to change. We have reached the point in our history where we have to decide to either evolve as a species and change our lifestyle, or continue to act in destructive ways killing not only our planet, but all life on it, including ourselves. Since the biggest threat to the planet is our own behavior, the only way we can save ourselves is by changing our ways. Read More

The Conscious Collective Collection

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