Knowledge is simply information. Understanding is your ability to translate meaning from information. Wisdom is knowing what to do next. Here we are only providing the information; your understanding of this information and what you choose to do with it are your choice.

Our intention for creating the "Knowledge" page is to provide general information about Consciousness, Healing, & Stewardship for the Earth. We do not claim to have all of the knowledge, nor do we claim to have all of the answers (because we certainly don't). We only intend to share information for the benefit of those who come across it. It is our highest hope that you are able to benefit from the information provided, and are able to use this information to benefit the lives of others as well.

We chose the three categories of Consciousness, Healing, & Stewardship, because these are the things that we are primarily focused on.

Consciousness. We seek to become fully conscious human beings, and to help those who also share this wish to become fully conscious. Learning more about our own consciousness, what it means to be conscious, and how we can expand our consciousness, are of primary importance to us, and are essential aspects of focus for humanity in this time of great change.

Healing. Health is such an important part of human existence. To be healthy is to live harmoniously with Nature's laws. To have dis-ease is to live in disharmony with Nature. We strive to provide essential information for those who are in need of healing on every level—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Living in a society as violent, negligent, and disharmonious as our own, all of us are in need of healing in some way.

Stewardship. To be a steward of the Earth is to take care of the Earth, and to live harmoniously with the Earth. On our journey of becoming fully conscious human beings, we cannot neglect the ways that we live in relationship with Nature. We strive to learn how to live with Nature in the most harmonious way possible, and to share our knowledge and experience so that others may do so too.

Each page contains different articles and videos regarding the topics of either Consciousness, Healing, or Stewardship. We truly hope that this information is of benefit to you on your journey of becoming a fully conscious human being, and we honor you for having the courage to take that beautiful and mysterious journey into yourself.


"There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance."
Ali Ibn Abi Talib