The Healing Power of Breathwork

I first discovered Breathwork a few years ago, and after one session I was immediately aware of the power that Breathwork has for emotional healing and spiritual growth. I was interested in learning more, but didn't really know where to start. Then I was reintroduced to it this summer when I went to the 2017 Oregon Eclipse Festival, where I attended a workshop with The Breath Center.

The Breathwork practice offered by Michael Brian Baker (the founder of The Breath Center) was different than any of the other practices I had done before, and in my experience it was also much more profound. Only a few minutes in and I could hear the space filled with people having huge emotional releases--crying, yelling, screaming, laughing. The breath was healing people and allowing them to let go of so much unnecessary pain and suffering.

My experience was more meditative than emotional. I began to feel my body fill with Prana (life energy), all my thoughts had subsided, and I was in a state of pure awareness, clarity, and bliss. After one workshop I was hooked--I had to learn more. About a month later The Breath Center was offering a level 1 teacher training in Ojai California, and I made sure that I was there for it.

In the level 1 training, we first learned about the basics of what Breathwork is, as well as the role and ethics of being a Breathwork facilitator. This was both essential and valuable information that one could apply to their practice as a facilitator, and as a human being who desires to live in a loving and truthful way. We were reminded of the importance of integrity, of authenticity, transparency, respect, and compassion. We then learned about the Origins of Breathwork, and also studied what the Breathwork practice really works with--Prana, or life force energy.

All around the world cultures have been aware of Life Force Energy--the force that moves and animates our bodies. In the Vedic tradition it is called Prana, in China it is called Chi, Hawaiians call it Mana, Christians call it the Holy Spirit, and there are numerous other names for this living energy from traditions around the planet.

It has long been known that the breath is one of the primary sources of Prana, and this particular breath practice brings more Prana into the body and then moves it throughout the body, and as it does, it also begins clearing out places where the Prana has become stagnant or stuck. Prana is usually prevented from flowing freely because of psychological or emotional traumas that we have yet to heal, and are subconsciously allowing to govern our experience. The breath allows for a great release of these blockages, and consequently, allows for profound healing, bringing great freedom, peace, and happiness.

Acupuncture is another healing therapy that works with moving stagnant chi, so the understanding of this phenomenon is not limited to Breathwork, but I have yet to find a practice that allows for energetic healing and emotional release as powerful and effective as this one.

After the level 1 training I flew back home to Washington State, and instantly began putting it into practice. Everyone that I practiced it with recognized the healing power in it, and were able to gain something great from it. The most profound healing I was able to facilitate happened with a man that I met at work. He mentioned how he had been holding onto the death of two family members for almost 12 years, and that it was affecting his health and every are of his life.

He agreed to do a Breathwork session, and after only 15-20 minutes, he was sobbing, speaking to his deceased brother and telling him that he loved him, but that he had to let him go. He shared with me his vision of his brother and mother floating up to the light, and expressed to me that he felt the weight had been lifted and that he had finally been able to let go of what he was attached to for 12 years!

I was amazed at how effective this work really is, and was honored to be able to help this man heal. A week later he messaged me thanking me again for the session, and said he is now "back to his old self" working out, playing basketball, and focusing on cleansing with his diet and lifestyle. This man allowed the breath to heal him, and I was simply there to guide him through it. But with such powerful healing taking place, I knew that I had to continue learning more, I have to spread this healing to as many people as possible.

This weekend I flew back down to Ojai, California, and I participated in the Level 2 training. It went so much more in depth into the practice of Breathwork, how to facilitate sessions, as well as other healing modalities that you can apply during the sessions. We learned about different energies that people can take on, and how we can heal them. We learned about the role that we have in this world as healers, and how important it is in this time of great change. We also got to practice the breath a lot more, both on ourselves, and on others in the group.

I truly feel honored and blessed to have crossed paths with The Breath Center, to have learned this work, and to have studied it with such a loving and powerful group of people. I am excited to continue the practice, to learn more, and to continue offering it to those who are need of healing. I am beyond grateful for what I have learned, for now I carry with me a medicine that I can offer to anyone at any place and time. Words cannot express the power of this practice and its ability to heal and transform. It is truly remarkable.

I would like to thank The Breath Center for sharing this work with so many people, and for training and empowering others to share the work as well. I highly recommend looking into their work if you are interested. I would also like to thank you for reading this and receiving the message that has been communicated! If you or anyone you know is in need of healing, please feel free to reach out to me! I would be more than happy to work with you. Much love, and may you experience great freedom, peace and happiness in your daily life!