Breathwork is an ancient practice and science of healing that has been utilized by cultures around the world for thousands of years. It is widely known that breath is the primary carrier of life-force energy (Chi in China, Prana in India, Ki in Japan, Mana in Hawaii, etc.). All ancient cultures knew that the breath was a powerful tool for working with our life-force energy, and in doing so, expanding our consciousness and connection to the source of life, releasing stored emotional traumas and memories, healing negative energies, destructive thought patterns, and limiting beliefs, and cultivating exponential levels of health and vitality, leading to happier, healthier, and more harmonious lives.

The art and science of Breathwork is slowly making its way back into the collective awareness as an effective method of healing and spiritual development. In the 1930s, the inspired mystic and healer Alice Bailey warned that centuries of cultural conditioning, and especially social and psychological conditioning, have created "large populations of spiritually dysfunctional people who struggle to realize their full potential and discover who they really are." Bailey predicted that the solution to these problems would be the widespread use of carefully designed breathing techniques, with their ability to recognize and readjust a person's energetic constitution and so bring about self-healing.

Well the future is here, and it is true that people are rediscovering the incredible power of the breath and its ability to heal and help one grow spiritually. I am thankful to have had the honor and privilege of studying Breathwork with Michael Brian Baker, the founder of The Breath Center. Michael has taught me what, in my experience, has been the most effective form of Breathwork that I have ever practiced. Through my training with Michael, I have been certified to share this practice with others, and to have the honor of helping others on their personal journey of healing and spiritual-growth.

I offer private one-on-one sessions, either in person or online via Skype. Each session lasts roughly 90 minutes, and during that time I will be here with you to guide you through the practice and to help you get what you intended to receive. It is my sincere motivation to be a friend to you, to help you on your path, and to offer compassionate guidance in this work and all that it can reveal.

I am also a certified Yoga Teacher, and spent time in India studying yoga and pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), and am happy to share some of these ancient techniques so that you can integrate them into your daily life for further healing and cultivation of wellness.

Session Prices:
$80 single session
$150 2 sessions
$200 3 sessions

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions:

Wishing you nothing but peace and love on your journey of greater happiness, health, and harmony.


"All effective healing begins with the breath, for our breath carries life force into our bodies. By becoming aware of our breathing, we can refine our receptivity to subtle energies for both self-healing and healing others and recognize our connection to all other living, breathing beings on earth."
-Jack Angelo


A video review from my dear friend Sarah, sharing her Breathwork experience and how it helped her release emotions she had been holding on to and helped her heal from her severe shoulder pain.


"I have been following Joseph's work on Instagram for years and recently experienced a breathwork session with him over Skype. Upon connecting, I was put at ease with the gentle, kind, positive way he has about him. He seems to have the perfect blend of old wisdom and a youthful spirit that makes his work so relatable and calming.

Our breathwork session brought me deeper into myself than I have ever been before. I regularly practice yoga, meditation, sound healing, acupuncture, and energy healing. None of those modalities brought me the awareness of self that breathwork accomplished. I felt lighter, present in my body, and more open and aware than ever!

I am so happy to have connected with Joseph and I look forward to adding regular breathwork sessions to my healing journey. Much love and many thanks!"
—Virginia Frank, Boston

"Being my first experience with breathwork, I can say that I am astounded by the transformational effect it had in my overall state of mind, no doubt it was one of the most intense experiences I have had. 

Having passed two days I can feel a difference in the background noise of my mind, having now a bigger sense of calm and equanimity. It helped me realize things that I have in my consciousness that do not serve me and how to align myself to no longer be attached to them, it also helped me to be more aware of the pure energy that regulates our entire sense of being facing it and feeling it in my body. It was an experience beyond words.

Joseph was an excellent guide throughout the whole session, transmitting serenity and kindness in every moment with his words and his presence. I feel very grateful to him.

I would recommend anyone who has the intention to grow to experiment with this practice because it is the experience itself that can help us transform the information into knowledge."
—Nicolas Betbese, Argentina

"Wow! I can't believe how powerful this experience was. I never would have thought that through my breath I could experience an almost psychedelic state. It felt like I went on a shamanic journey into my self and it brought up things I didn't even know were there. I realized that I was holding onto so much! and even better it helped me let it go! I feel so light and peaceful now, and I am beyond thankful for Joseph for facilitating this work. If this calls to you, I recommend giving it a try! The experience is like nothing else."
—Charlotte Brown, North Carolina

"I had my first breathwork session ever and I’m stoked that Joseph was the facilitator! Being relatively new to breathwork I was honestly a bit apprehensive but Joseph was very calm and guided me through the session in a kind and gentle way. The result of the session provided me with an abundance of energy combined with a tranquil peacefulness."
—Brenden Todd, Australia