Live Your Dharma Retreat ॐ

When: Friday, October 5 — Monday, October 8

Where: Grace Grove, Sedona, Arizona

There is a path for every individualized Unity consciousness inhabiting these vessels of the physical. When we choose to pursue our truth, the Universe conspires to align us synchronistically to the reality that best suits our disposition. Allowing ourselves to actively rest in the flow of creation we begin to do without doing, act without acting. This does not mean that we no longer take action or stand up for what we believe in, rather we become so in tune with our Dharma, our Path, and our essential Beingness that it’s as if we’re no longer doing anything at all. To reach such a state of impeccable flow is known as attaining/living the Dao.

Dharma is a synonym for Divine Life Purpose. Many of us feel this calling to be of service, both to ourselves and to the collective at large in this transition of consciousness and paradigm shift occurring on our planet. We know that to usher in the change we wish to see in the world, we ourselves must become living embodiments of that change. Peace, love, harmony, and all attributes we wish to see at large in the collective consciousness must be fostered within and radiated outwards. We need a revolution, a revolution of consciousness. That’s why we decided to title our retreat: Live Your Dharma. To Live our Dharma we must first become incredibly clear as to how we wish to show up in our lives, for ourselves and for others.

What is the greatest service we can provide to All That Is? How does that look and feel, to be completely in tune with that mission blazing in the center of your heart? How would it feel to Live Your Dharma, to follow your path, with such a profound radiance and dedication that you inspire others to find and live/embody their truth, and create a cascading flow of divine love penetrating to the depths of the self of everyone you encounter? Together at Live Your Dharma we will dive deep into various traditions and their practices of harmonization and re-calibration to bring us into profoundly clear states of awareness and catalyze transformation.

Through the breath, through our magical intent, our observer consciousness, in the silence and in the rhythms of illuminated mantras we will remove, dissolve and transmute the obstacles inhibiting us from truly Living our Dharma at our highest levels and capacities. With our co-created energies of unconditional love and service, amplified by the energetic vortexes of beautiful Sedona, Arizona, empowered with the techniques and methodologies both ancient and modern, the shining Sun of Truth that we are shall pierce the clouds of illusion and reveal the trinitized balance of love, wisdom, and power within our hearts as we refine our commitment to Live Our Dharma.

Each day will consist of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama & Breathwork, Organic Plant-Based Meals, Nature Hikes, Group Sharing, and more. Sedona is renowned for being a place of mystery and energetic power. The many energy vortexes throughout this sacred land offer a perfect space and setting to amplify one's intention and spiritual practice, and we aim to use these vortexes as opportunities to strengthen our spiritual practice, and clarify our intentions, gaining clear insight into what our Dharma is, and how we can better live in alignment with our individual paths, as well as how we can be of service to the collective healing that is occurring today.

This retreat is for anyone who feels called to discover their unique path, to strengthen their commitment to their path, to be of service to the collective healing and to truly Live their Dharma for the benefit of themselves and of all beings. The times are calling for us to step into our power, to stand up, to heal from our conditioning, and to do our part in bringing harmony to the planet. If you feel the call, and want to take a step further onto this path, onto your path, to heal and to gain clarity and inspiration on how to Live Your Dharma, then join us for a weekend of deep healing, authentic connection, and profound transformation.

Retreat Price: $650 ($555 if you sign up by September 15)

For inquiries on attending the retreat please contact us at or via Direct Message on Instagram to @thehomiesmo or @conscious_collective

Space is limited to 15 people.