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Develop Your Meditation Practice & Find Peace in the Present Moment.


In our fast-paced and often chaotic lives, finding moments of tranquility and inner calm has become more important than ever. For many, it has also become more challenging. The constant buzz of technology, the demands of work and daily responsibilities, and the never-ending stream of information can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from our own sense of peace.

This course is a step-by-step guide to understanding and practicing meditation, helping you tap into the incredible power of a calm and centered mind. 

Meditation is more than just a practice; it's a path to discovering the innate wisdom that resides within you. Whether you're a curious beginner seeking peace in the midst of life's chaos, or someone experienced aiming to deepen their practice, the How to Meditate course offers a comprehensive roadmap to embracing the transformative potential of meditation.


Meditation Helps Us Awaken to the Beauty of Life Here and Now

Meditation helps us see beyond the constant inner dialogue of thoughts, stories, plans, anxieties, fears, stresses, and judgments, and allows us to come back home to our bodies and to the reality of the present moment. In doing so, mindfulness helps us rediscover the many elements of freedom, peace and joy that are available to us in the present moment.

It helps us touch the joy of being alive here and now, it frees us from our limiting stories, negative thoughts and unconscious habits, and it helps us develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.


That’s why author and mindfulness teacher Joseph P. Kauffman created the How to Meditate course—to guide you in learning the authentic practice of meditation, to support you in starting and staying consistent with your own meditation practice, and to help you find freedom from your mind so you can experience real peace in the here and now.

The How to Meditate course is designed to give you practical tools for transforming your life dramatically through the practice of meditation. Joseph’s simple-yet-effective practice guides you through each step to building a strong, personalized meditation practice of your own.

As each lesson builds on the next, you’ll be able to use this course to support your meditation practice and to bring the practice of meditation and mindfulness into every area of your life.

After taking the course, you’ll be able to confidently practice meditation, know how to systematically progress in your meditation practice, and know essential tools and techniques for completely transforming your life.

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Meet Your Teacher

About Joseph P. Kauffman

Joseph P. Kauffman is an author, mindfulness teacher, and the founder of Conscious Collective. He has published 9 books on mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality.

At age 16, Joseph had a spontaneous mystical experience that gave him an insight into the oneness of life. After this experience, he began passionately studying and practicing Eastern philosophy and spirituality.

Joseph has studied extensively the philosophies of various schools of Buddhism, Zen, Yoga, Vedanta, Taoism, and Shamanism and has sought to integrate these ancient philosophies with modern understandings of psychology, neurology, and physics. His curiosity to learn has drawn him to travel abroad and study in India, China, Japan, Nepal, Peru and Guatemala, participating in numerous trainings and retreats and learning from many different teachers and traditions.

Joseph’s journey has brought him to a deep understanding of life and of the importance of mindfulness and meditation as tools for self-discovery and liberation. Now, it’s Joseph's mission to share the wisdom he has received from his studies and to help people experience greater happiness, health, connection and freedom in their lives.

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Stories on Joseph P. Kauffman

"I would recommend anyone who has the intention to grow to experiment with this practice."

Joseph is an excellent guide, transmitting serenity and kindness in every moment with his words and his presence. I feel very grateful to him. I would recommend anyone who has the intention to grow to experiment with this practice because it is the experience itself that can help us transform the information into knowledge.

Nicolas Acosta

"I am beyond honored to have Joseph as my life coach and spiritual advisor."

I am beyond honored to have Joseph as my life coach and spiritual advisor. The wisdom he has bestowed upon me has been priceless. Life undoubtedly has its ups and downs but having the tools on my belt shared by Joseph gives me great confidence and peace of mind that I am better equipped for whatever comes my way.

Paul Schwiesow
West Virginia

"I felt lighter, present in my body, and more open and aware than ever!"

I have been following Joseph's work for years and recently experienced a session with him. Upon connecting, I was put at ease with the gentle, kind, positive way he has about him. He seems to have the perfect blend of old wisdom and a youthful spirit that makes his work so relatable and calming. Our session brought me deeper into myself than I have ever been before. I felt lighter, present in my body, and more open and aware than ever! I am so happy to have connected with Joseph. Much love and many thanks!

Virginia Franklin

"I felt a strong sense of peace and of clarity."

Joseph was a kind, receptive teacher with much wisdom. His energy provided a space of comfort throughout the whole session. Personally, I had never experienced anything like this and have much gratitude for having gotten a chance to experience it. It was a simple process, yet one that proved to be very, very powerful. At the end of the session I felt a strong sense of peace and clarity.

Antonio Cervantes
United States

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What You'll Learn


  1. Get Rid of Common Myths About Meditation.  Let go of the myths that may be holding you back and making you feel like a meditation failure. Understand what the essence of meditation is all about and learn to develop genuine present moment awareness.

  2. Understand the Traditional Stages of Meditation Practice. Traditionally, meditation was taught in stages that allow the practitioner to systematically develop their practice. Learn the fundamental stages of meditation practice and how you can progress in your practice.

  3. Learn 8 Different Meditation Practices.  Participate in 8 different guided meditation practices and learn how you can integrate these practices into your daily life.

  4. Discover Foundational Principles of Buddhist Psychology. This course integrates modern perspectives on mindfulness and meditation with ancient principles of Buddhist psychology for helping you understand the mind and find stability in your practice.

  5. Experience the Joy and Freedom of Mindfulness. Learn how to bring mindfulness to every aspect of your life. From breathing, to eating, to walking, mindfulness can enliven your daily life with the energy of presence, joy, and peace.

The Curriculum

Explore the How to Meditate Course Curriculum


Part 1: Meditation Foundations

  • What Is Meditation?
  • How to Sit
  • Tips for Staying Consistent With Your Practice
  • Conscious Breathing Meditation

Part 2: Calming the Mind

  • Shamatha: Calming the Mind
  • Guided Shamatha Meditation

Part 3: Looking Deeply

  • Vipassana: Looking Deeply 
  • Body Scan Meditation
  • Recognizing Feelings Meditation
  • Naming Feelings Meditation
  • Observing Thoughts Meditation
  • Listening to Silence Meditation

Part 4: Self-Realization

  • Awakening to Your True Nature
  • Resting As Awareness Meditation

Part 5: Overcoming Obstacles to Meditation

  • Overcoming Obstacles to Meditation

Part 6: Life as a Meditation

  • Life as a Meditation

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this course good for beginners?
Yes! This course was designed to provide a solid foundation for a meditation practice. It is great for those new to meditation and for experienced practitioners that want to deepen their practice.

Do I need to be trained in meditation to take this course?
No. No previous experience or training is necessary. This course is great for people beginning a meditation practice.

Do I need a special place to meditate?
Nope. Just a cushion or chair and a few minutes to yourself. It can be helpful though to create a space in your house or room that is dedicated solely to meditation.

Will this course teach me how to practice on my own?
Absolutely. The purpose of this course is to help you develop your own meditation practice.

Are there guided meditations in this course?
Yes. There are 8 guided meditation practices in this course.

I work a demanding job, will I have time to complete this course?
Definitely. This course is self-paced and you can take it whenever it is convenient for you.

Do I have to practice at the same time each day?
No. You can practice anytime that works best for you. However, it may be helpful to pick a regular time for your practice to help you build the habit of daily meditation practice.

Do I need any certain software to take this course?
No, this course is hosted through this website, so there is no need to download any software. Once you purchase the course you will have an account on the website where you can access your library of downloaded courses.

Is this course for anybody?
Yes. Anyone interested in mindfulness and meditation can take this course.

What comes with this course?
In this course, you get video lessons, in-depth written articles on the teaching topics, 8 guided meditation practices, 7+ hours of instruction, and a downloadable PDF copy of Joseph P. Kauffman's book "Awake to What Is."

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