Conscious Consumerism

One of the most effective and practical things that any single one of us can do to make a difference, is to be wise with the way that we spend our money. Every purchase we make supports the producer of that product or service, and also affects the markets of the related industry. In a capitalist society, money is the name of the game. If we, as conscious human beings and citizens of this society choose to use our money to support businesses that are devoted to serving the planet, we can make a dramatic difference in the current environmental crisis.

Every market is determined by the basic rule of supply and demand. When there is a demand for something, the people that supply that demand are the ones who see success. We, as consumers, determine the demands, and because of this, we are the most important factor in the market. If we all demanded products that supported the Earth, then producers would have to alter the way they do business to meet the demands, or else risk going out of business.

It may seem like the power is in the hands of the big corporations, but in truth, the power is in our hands. We support these companies with our money, and we keep them rich by continuing to support them in this way. We need to be conscious of how we spend our money, and do our best to only support companies that honor and care for all life on Earth.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the current environmental, political, and societal situation, why the majority of people are ignorant of this situation, and what we can do to help change it, read the book “Conscious Collective: An Aim for Awareness,” by Joseph P. Kauffman.

If we are living in the cities, and we are dependent upon the market for our resources, then we must do our very best to determine the trends of the market by voting with our dollar, and supporting only the companies that are devoted to the health of the Earth. It is best if we also do what we can to lessen our dependence upon others for our resources, and begin providing our own resources by either cultivating or wisely harvesting them. Permaculture is one incredible system that can help us to do this.