Live Your Dharma



This November Conscious Collective presents it’s revolutionary ‘Live Your Dharma’ retreat once again in the beauty filled vortex landscape of Sedona, Arizona. Join us for a weekend jam packed with healing as we dive into our unconditioned awareness and blossom forth as the love underneath all our pain and suffering.

What is the greatest service we can provide to All That Is? How would that look and feel, to be completely in tune with thy mission blazing in the center of your heart? How would it feel to Live Your Dharma, to follow your path, with such a profound radiance and dedication you inspire others to embody their truth, and create a cascading flow of divine love penetrating the depths of the Self of everyone you encounter? Together at Live Your Dharma we will dive deep into various traditions and their practices of harmonization and re-calibration bringing us into profoundly clear states of awareness and catalyzing collective transformation.

Liberate yourself in the energetic purity of Sedona, Arizona, as we bring together the sacred medicines of meditation, intention, breath, reiki, yoga, and more to release the obstacles restraining us from living our highest excitement in service to both ourselves as individuals, and the whole as the collective consciousness.

It’s time to Live Your Dharma.

Join us for a profound immersion into the nature of reality as we collectively work towards embodying the divinity inherent within us, expressing our authentic Self, and living in full alignment with the Truth of who we are. Together, we will move beyond the cultural conditioning that limits us, heal the toxic emotions and traumas that cause us suffering, and awaken to the Truth of who we really are, so we may live as liberated beings, devoted to the awakening and liberation of all living beings.

Each day of the retreat will begin with rising rituals, sadhana, the foundational discipline of regular spiritual practice that cultivates wisdom, love, freedom, and spiritual strength. Following the strengthening of our foundation we will expand upon our experience with immersions into various traditions and some of their most potent meditations. Another staple of Live Your Dharma will be the experience of using these meditations in the vortices of Sedona after hiking to specific energetic gridlines to maximize our energetic alignment personally and uplift the frequency of the collective consciousness.

Through this retreat We aim to

  • Awaken You to Your Own Power

  • Create a supportive loving container for Your expansion and healing

  • Equip You with meditative tools and techniques for Your Evolution

  • Renew Your Perspective and inspiration for the majesty of Life

  • Teach You a variety of practices to aid you in Your journey of Awakening

  • Connect You with like-minded individuals

  • Inspire You to serve the collective awakening as Your Highest Self

  • Create a magical and memorable experience for You in the beautiful vortex of Sedona

Retreat Info

  • 3 Days & 3 Nights at a magical retreat house in Sedona, Arizona

  • Each day will begin with early Rising Sadhana (Hatha/Kriya/Kundalini Yoga Flow)

  • Vortex Hikes with transformative meditations at each energy center

  • Shamanic breathwork and Yogic Pranayamas

  • Human Connection and Circle Work

  • I Am Presence alignments/activations, mental-emotional-etheric-physical clearing and recalibration.

  • Plant-based Vegan breakfasts and dinners included

 important details

The weekend immersion will be held at Grace Grove Retreat house, a lush green oasis on the Verde River in Cottonwood, just outside of Sedona.

Retreat Attendees are responsible for travel to & from the retreat center (please contact us with any questions regarding transportation).

 Weather is difficult to predict this far in advance, in November, the temp will generally be in the mid 60’s. There is always a possibility of rain so be sure to keep that in mind when packing.

 All accommodations (besides camping) will be shared, couples and partners can obtain the same room, notify us in advance.

 All meals will be vegan and plant-based.

There will be a firm no alcohol policy ~ this is a time to honor the self and go deeper.

 What to bring

Sufficient clothing and equipment for hiking and yoga

Hygiene products, etc. for 3 days and nights

Yoga mat (we have a limited amount)

A personal journal for reflection

Any desired vegan snacks to share throughout the day

Money for personal spending {there’s lots of crystal shops}

An open mind and heart


If you feel called to attend this immersion, click here and fill out the application. Before completing this application, please be sure to reflect on where you’re at and what this retreat will entail. Make an inner commitment to yourself and your healing journey by taking the next step and going deeper in your process of transformation. We love you and appreciate the opportunity to be of service as you embark on the next chapter of your story. Much love CC family.