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Waking Up to Who You Are

Who are you really? What Is the truth of your being? When you say the words "I" or "me," what are you referring to? Do you know?

In this course we explore the fundamental question "who am I?" and inquire within ourselves to awaken to the fundamental truth of who we are. In doing so, we let go of all of the things we have mistaken ourselves to be. Essentially, this course explores the fundamental process of self-realization, or spiritual awakening. We do this in 7 video lessons and 3 guided meditations:

Lesson 1: The Two Truths. In this lesson we explore an ancient teaching known as the "Two Truths" that helps to orient us in the right direction for our journey inward.

Lesson 2: The Biggest Obstacle to Self-Realization. In this lesson we explore the biggest obstacle that people face in discovering who they really are.

Lesson 3: Who Am I? Inquiring Into the Nature of the Self. In this lesson we begin the formal practice of self-inquiry, examining commonly held beliefs about the self to come to a deeper realization of who and what we actually are.

Lesson 4: Your True Self. In this lesson, we expound upon our true nature to bring it into greater clarity and to explore the implications of what it means to discover our essential Self.

Lesson 5: Distinguishing Awareness from Mind. In this lesson we outline the essential practice of Self-realization.

Lesson 6: The Essence of Meditation. In this lesson, we discuss the true essence of meditation as well as how to properly develop your own meditation practice.

3 Guided Meditations. Together, we will practice three powerful techniques for awakening to and resting in your true nature.

Lesson 7: Integration. This lesson wraps up the course with a discussion on the essential need for integrating our realization into our daily lives, and offers tips and guidance for how to do so.

The course includes over 4 hours of course material and is taught by Joseph P. Kauffman, author, meditation teacher and founder of Conscious Collective.