Oneness: Awakening From the Illusion of Separation

The planet is suffering. Ecosystems are being destroyed, forests are being cut down, the oceans is being contaminated, the air is being polluted, animals are being tortured, people are being oppressed, mistreated, poisoned, and killed.

So much suffering is happening on the planet right now, and it is all the result of humanity’s actions. Clearly our current way of life is destructive, illogical, and unsustainable, and unless we evolve our way of life and adapt to a new way of living, we will only create more suffering on this planet, destroying more life, and eventually destroying ourselves in the process.

If we want to heal the state of the world, we have to evolve our way of thinking and interacting with the world. As long as we view the world as something that exists separately from us, we will continue to create our own suffering. If we want to experience peace on Earth, we have to realize our oneness and awaken from the illusion of separation.

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