Stillness: A Guide To Finding Your Inner Peace

•  Awaken to Your True Nature
•  Free Your Mind
•  Find Peace Regardless of Circumstances

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$9.99 e-Book

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“This book really opened my eyes to a new way of life.
I am finally at peace with who I am and there is no greater feeling that can compare to that."
- K.G., Denver, CO

Many people go through life feeling lost, afraid, anxious, angry, depressed, and confused. They are confined by the prison of their negative thoughts, living out their lives unsure of who they are, what their purpose is, what it means to be alive, and how they can find happiness and live life peacefully. This feeling of separation from the world is a result of not understanding our true nature. We fail to realize who we are at our deepest level and, as a result, we experience a great deal of suffering.

This suffering is felt around the world and it causes people to act out in violence, harming one another, harming the planet, and harming themselves. The state of the world is a reflection of our inner state of being. We have forgotten our true nature, and until we remember who we are and find peace within ourselves, we will never be able to have peace on this planet.

Full of practical wisdom and intuitive insights, “Stillness” speaks directly to your heart and mind, providing you with valuable information to help you awaken to your true nature, and find peace in your life regardless of your circumstances.

Each of us is capable of living a life of peace, joy, and bliss, and it starts with quieting our minds, bringing our awareness back into this moment, and connecting to the source of stillness within us.

“A wealth of knowledge and wisdom.
Truly a remarkable read with a powerful capacity to free people from their suffering.”

– J.W., Los Angeles, CA