Conscious Collective is not just a company or brand. It is a platform that allows us to help serve humanity. We are three individuals with sincere devotion to the path of awakening—both our individual awakening and the awakening of humanity as a whole. Each one of us has had significant experiences that have shaped our lives, helped us to grow out of the prison of cultural conditioning and ego-identification, and awakened true love and compassion within our hearts. Out of gratitude, devotion to Truth, and the wish to help others be happy and liberated, we have dedicated our lives to serving others. We are, and always will be, students on this path of awakening, and though we continue to go through our own awakening/healing process, we have learned many things over the years, and we wish to share our knowledge and experience with others, so they too can be free, so they too can awaken to the true Self within, and so they too can be happy! Conscious Collective is the platform that allows us to do this, the platform that helps us contribute to a loving and conscious society, and we hope that it is of real benefit to you on your journey. We are not a company focused solely on our own gain, we are human beings dedicated to helping you be free, so please feel free to reach out to us if there is any way we can be of service!


Joseph P. Kauffman @josephpkauffman


Michael Murdock @thehomiesmo


Kyle Jones @pineal_purity