The Answer Is YOU: A Guide to Mental, Emotional,
and Spiritual Freedom

•  Discover the Truth of your Being
•  Realize your Oneness with the Universe
•  Remove the resistance that is preventing you
    from living a Life of Love, Peace, and Joy

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$9.99 e-Book

$14.99 Paperback


“This book opened my eyes to a whole new world, and made me realize that I was the cause of my own misery. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this book."
– Jennifer Martin, Vancouver, BC

So many people are searching for the answer—the answer to life, love, health, happiness, success, and freedom. People search for the answer to life’s questions in money, in relationships, in experiences, in places and material things. We have searched for it everywhere in the world outside of ourselves, completely unaware of the fact that real freedom, and real happiness, can never come to us from something else, but can only be found within the truth of our being. The answers you seek lie within YOU, the true you, and by awakening to your true nature, you can see clearly that your experience of the world is ultimately dependent upon the world within your consciousness.

You are not the separate and isolated individual that many people feel themselves to be. You are a divine expression of the whole of existence, an essential part of the Universe, connected to it on every level. In truth, all things are one, and we are all a part of this oneness. Realizing this ancient truth liberates us from the prison of ego, and allows us to express ourselves authentically—without fear, without doubt, and without limitations. It enables us to find true freedom: the freedom to be ourselves, to live naturally, and to allow the Universe to express itself through us effortlessly, without resistance.

This book investigates the subject of who we are at our deepest level, why we have forgotten who we are, and how remembering our true nature is the key to finding real freedom, happiness, and peace in our lives. Blending together the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions as well as new discoveries in quantum physics and modern science, this book takes the reader on an inward journey to the very core of their being. The message in this book is clear: our pain, our misery, our suffering, arises from our ignorance of our true nature, and if only we are willing to see beyond the illusions of our culture, and wake up to the reality of who we really are, we can be free of this suffering, and live lives filled with peace, with love, and with happiness.

“This book cuts right to the truth! It really helped me to see through the illusions of
many spiritual concepts and helped me directly experience what it is
that I've been seeking for so long..”

– Matthew Chan., Sedona, AZ