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Conscious Collective: An Aim for Awareness discusses the many ways that we are damaging our environment, and exposes the reasons why we are ignorant of the damage that we are doing. Drawing on topics such as corporate greed, media manipulation, financial markets deception, political tyranny, and social conditioning, this book is a wake up call to the direction that we are headed as a species, and the need for us to change, both personally and as a collective . Most importantly this book offers practical solutions that any one of us can do to contribute to the healing of our world, rather than the destruction of it. (Read more about Conscious Collective


Stillness: A Guide to Finding Your Inner Peace examines the mental and emotional suffering that so many people are victim to, and offers them a way to be free of their suffering and find peace in their lives. People tend to look for peace and happiness outside of themselves, but this book makes it very clear that peace is not a result of our circumstances, but rather it is a result of our way of thinking. Going one step further, this book then points out that their is no peace in the world because we as individuals have no peace within. It is only once we become peaceful people that we will live in a peaceful world. (Read more about Stillness...) 


Oneness: Awakening From The Illusion of Separation is a call to humanity to wake up from our ideas of separateness and realize that in truth we are all connected. All of the suffering that we experience today arises from humanity’s actions, and our actions stem from our thoughts and our delusional perception of life. Humanity is operating on the momentum of an ignorant past, and this outdated worldview needs to evolve. We live with the notion that we are separate from one another, that we exist independently of the world around us, and that our individual actions do not impact the planet as a whole. This illusion of separation is the root cause of our suffering, and if we want to heal the planet, we have to heal our ignorant perception of life so that our actions will no longer reflect our ignorance, but will instead reflect an understanding and respect for one another and for the Earth as a whole. This book discusses the causes of our ignorance and our destructive actions, and provides the knowledge needed to undo the conditioning that has been done to us, in order to recondition ourselves to live a lifestyle that is in harmony with the natural world. If we want to heal the state of the world, we have to evolve our way of thinking and interacting with the world. As long as we view the world as something that exists separately from us, we will continue to create our suffering. If we want to experience peace on Earth, we have to realize our oneness and awaken from the illusion of separation. (Read more about Oneness...)


The Answer Is YOU investigates the subject of who we are at our deepest level, why we have forgotten who we are, and how remembering our true nature is the key to finding real freedom, happiness, and peace in our lives. Blending together the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions as well as new discoveries in quantum physics and modern science, this book takes the reader on an inward journey to the very core of their being. The message in this book is clear: our pain, our misery, our suffering, arises from our ignorance of our true nature, and if only we are willing to see beyond the illusions of our culture, and wake up to the reality of who we really are, we can be free of this suffering, and live lives filled with peace, with love, and with happiness. (Read more about The Answer Is You...)  


Just Be - In this small book, readers learn the concept of being fully aware in the present moment, and the joy that this practice can bring to one's experience. This book also discusses the mind's resistance to understanding this concept and some of the roadblocks that one may experience on the path to applying it in their daily lives. A quick read, this book delivers a powerful message, and if readers apply this message to their lives they are guaranteed to become completely transformed. (Read more about Just Be...)


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