We are all aware and we are all alive. We all share this Consciousness, this Universe, and this Earth. Conscious Collective is simply an organization created to remind humanity of this Truth, and to help us all remember to honor life, to have compassion for life, and to awaken to the beauty and infinite potential of the life within us.

We envision that humanity can become a conscious collective, a family of brothers and sisters who are aware of their shared connection to life, and who treat all living things with love and respect. We know that this potential reality can only manifest through the expansion of human awareness, through a collective decision to acknowledge what is true and what is false, and to choose to live in harmony with the Truth, which is always in harmony with Nature, with Life, and with Love.

Our mission is to inspire you to see this vision of an awakened humanity, and to support you on your personal journey of awakening. We aim to do this by sharing both modern and ancient knowledge with you, alongside timeless spiritual wisdom, encouraging you to embrace this information, process the meaning yourself, and form your own opinions, so that you can come upon the Truth from your own point of view, and apply this information to your life as you see fit. After all, the only understanding of the Universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding, and your understanding and awareness of who you are is your responsibility.

It can be intimidating to acknowledge the illusions of our culture and all of the false beliefs that we accept and live by, and can be even more intimidating to accept the truth and change our conditioned and harmful habits. The process of awakening is often met with much resistance and fear, as it moves us to look at all of the things that we have been ignoring, suppressing, or pushing under the surface of our awareness, and compels us to change our way of life to honor and live according to what is true. It causes us to look at the things that form our perception, the beliefs that we have, the information we've learned, the memories of our past experiences. It causes us to look at the things that we have been ignoring, both as individuals and as a society. And it causes us to question everything that we have been culturally conditioned to identify with, in order to awaken to our true identity.

The expansion of awareness, and the personal choice to be honest with oneself and what one sees, radically shifts our perception and understanding of reality, and forever changes us. While unconscious, or ignorant, we live with a dull awareness of life, lost in a whirlpool of thoughts that label, judge, criticize, and dissect reality conceptually, obscuring from our vision the true reality of what it is that we are experiencing, and keeping us in an emotional state of fear, isolation, and lack. But when we awaken from our ignorance, we start to see things as they really are. We see that what we have been taught by our culture is mostly false, or at least incomplete. We see that society has given us very little understanding of what life actually is, and we begin to discover the mystery of life for ourselves. This takes us on a life-long journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. It makes us aware that, as human beings, we are living very destructively on this planet, and we all have to relearn how to live in harmony with Nature, with each other, and with ourselves as we truly are.

We want to help you be free from the confusion of cultural conditioning, so that you can stop suffering from your conditioned mind, so that you can stop trying to fit in to a delusional society, and so that you can awaken to who you truly are, accept yourself fully, and live life with the freedom and happiness that is your birthright. We are all on this journey of awakening from ignorance and realizing who we truly are, whether or not we are all aware of it. It is something that has to happen now in this time, or else we will destroy our planet and ourselves from our harmful actions. While we all have to be responsible for ourselves and personally be willing to see the Truth and make the changes in our lives to live accordingly, you are not alone on this journey.

We are all in this together. We all share this Earth, we all share Life, and we all share our Consciousness. Realizing our oneness fills us with love for all Life, as we begin to see ourselves in all things. This compassion and care for all things as an extension of oneself is essential in the healing of our society. The violence and chaos is rooted in fear and separation. But peace and harmony will come only as a result of love and the realization of our oneness.

We hope that you are inspired to walk this path of awakening to the truth, of learning to live in harmony with Nature, and of letting go of all that no longer serves you so that you may be the free and limitless being that you truly are. The information is available, the support is available, but is the will to change and the courage to accept the Truth within you?

"The door is wide open, but it is your choice to walk through it."